Sick of kids on scooters delivering fast food?

Then blame Covid.

When the great Covid epidemic struck, Britain ground to a halt. The only traffic allowed on the roads was essential traffic; and since the nation had to eat food delivery drivers to priority. Britain's population was prevented from going out to pick up their favourite meals from the takeaway shops; this was a disaster since so many of them have never learned how to cook their own food; so owners of fast food establishments such as burger bars, pizza joints, Indian and Chinese takeaways were faced with the choice of either closing indefinitely or starting a delivery service. Within weeks food delivery staff complete with food courier delivery insurance were soon tearing around our towns and cities delivering essential pizzas, cheeseburgers and curries to Britain's starving masses. The fast food revolution had taken another giant leap forward

Fair enough, there were curfews in place and the fast food consumers were forbidden from picking up their own takeaways. However, what has happened now that all the restrictions have been lifted? Have all these fast food delivery drivers been made redundant?

Not a bit of it. There are in fact even more of them running around frantically tried to keep their customers satisfied. The nation's love of fast junk food has evolved into a love of even more fast junk food, delivered straight to the door. It appears that we Britons not only cannot cook, but neither can we collect our own food in the first place. Evolution has got a lot to answer for!