Flying off soon?

So you're flying off to Mars where you'll be driving your Marsbuggy all over the landscape for a few days. If the laws up there are the same as they are here in Britain you'll need to have car insurance so that if you run over a little Martian the insurance company will foot the bill for any hospital treatment for the little critter or at least pay for a decent funeral but since you will only be there for a few days it hardly seems worthwhile taking out a full year's cover. Under normal circumstances I would suggest that you took out a short term car insurance policy to cover you for the time you will actually be there.

You can buy a short-term policy at any time of day or night, it only takes you a few minutes to get a quote and then if everything is okay and you want to go ahead can buy a policy straightaway, downloaded the documents, print them out on your little DeskJet and away you go. You can get a policy that covers you for anything between one and 28 days, and cover is usually fully comprehensive so they'll pay for any damage you cause to your vehicle if you have a bump during the cover period. There are however one or two problems with this.

For a start you can only cover a vehicle which is on the insurers approved list and although these do usually include the majority of cars on British roads it is doubtful if a moon buggy is on the list. There's also usually a maximum value of the vehicle that you're driving, and if it's, say, £40,000 that wouldn't stretch very far if you have to replace a moon buggy that cost the odd billion or so. You can only use the vehicle for social domestic and pleasure purposes and driving to and from work so forget about smuggling back those bits of moon rock that you can sell for a fortune on eBay. You would normally be expected to drive on decent roads and off road usage is almost invariably specifically exclude, and there aren't very many A class roads on the moon to the best of my knowledge. There are certain exclusions too. You are hardly likely to get caught up in a riot or a civil insurrection but it would take some explaining if you car got squashed by a flying saucer or zapped by cosmic rays from Alpha Centauri. And then the killer condition is the fact that you would be driving on the moon. Cover is usually limited to driving in the UK or in any of the countries of the EEC but the moon is not a member of the European Community yet, and they have a long way to go before they would meet the financial requirements for membership.

So sadly short term car insurance is not for you on this occasion, but if you need it when you back home to Basingstoke or Tunbridge Wells or wherever you live you can always buy some from temporarycarinsurance.WS. Enjoy your trip.

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