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L'Histoire of Electronics

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Electronic L'histoire of begun to evolve/move separately of the one of electricity takes to diecinueveavo forever with identification of l'électron by english Mr. Jose Juan Thomson and the measurement of physicist of their electrical charge by the American physicist Robert To Millikan in 1909. With l'heure of the work of Thomson's, American inventive Thomas To Edison had observed early a bluish sparkle in some of his lightbulbs under certain conditions and had observed the current of qu'un would rise electrode of d'une in the lamp with l'autre if the second (anode) were made frank loaded with respect to first (cathode). Work next to Thomson and their students and by ingenior english Juan Ambrose Fleming indicated that this effect demanded of d'Edison was the result of l'émission of electrons of the cathode, the hot filament in the lamp. The movement of electrons with l'anode, a plate of the metal, constituted an electrical current that does not do n'existerait if l'anode were loaded negatively. This discovery provided l'impulsion for the development of the tubes d'électron, including a tube of the x-ray improved by ingenior american Guillermo D. Coolidge and the termoiónica valve of Fleming (a vacuum tube d'deux-electrode) for l'usage in the receivers by the radio. The signal of the detection d'un by the radio, that is a current very of high frequency of CA (A.C.), requires that the signal is rectified; C-with-d., the current of the CA are due to turn the current of C.C. (C.C) by a device that only leads when the signal has a polarity but not when it has l'autre-precis that valve of Fleming (patented in 1904). Previously, of the signals by the radio they were detected by the several devices empirical developed for example "de preferred of the detector of chat", who s'est composed of the genuine wire of silver (the favorite) in significant contact with the normal crystal of the surface d'un of sulfide of the lead (crystal) or d'un another material of the semiconductor.

These devices were sufficient undependable sensitivity, lacked, and of l'ajustement the constant required of the contact of the favorite-with-crystal to produce the wished result. At least the precursors of the transistors of today's c'étaient!!!!

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